Packaging design - raw honey jar labels by Kestrel Design

Packaging design for honey – Honey Providore wanted a sleek simple design for their jars, keeping their old logo and colour pops. They specifically suggested a transparent label and we agree – its best to look at the beautiful honey inside!

The brief was for an ultra modern look so we chose narrow typography and serif fonts. The overlapping hexagons at the side allow the colour ‘pops’ without making the design too busy. The overlap sticker shows quality of product and provides a neat way to include logos of product awarding bodies. The back presents the required nutrition and company information in a succinct way, and shows off the Australian product pride mark.

We like to present our packaging designs in well rendered 3d imagery so that clients can properly imagine their products on the shelves and in their customers’ hands.

Packaging Design – Honey Jars was last modified: April 21st, 2016 by Kim Debling