Logo Design by Kestrel Design - Earth Notes

Logo design for Earth Notes. This company produces homemade natural artisan beauty products which concentrate on the primary scents contained within the products. Each of their products is associated with one of their five store sections: Citrus, Floral, Woody, Green or Spicy.

The logo was based upon a beautiful watercolour painting by the company owner. We traced their brushstrokes closely, then attributed semi-transparent colours. The colours blend together to give the watercolour effect, whilst still being a vector image.

We designed their website to introduce this new way to think about beauty products with the scents (or ‘notes’) in the forefront of the mind. The website has its own online store which is completely administered by the company via their own login.

Please click the images to view them in full, and visit the linked website above.

Website Design by Kestrel Design - Earth Notes
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