Interior Design by Kestrel Design - daytime use of a tiny bedroom
Interior Design by Kestrel Design - available storage within a tiny bedroom
Interior Design by Kestrel Design - night time mode for a tiny bedroom

Interior design is not just about huge spaces and huge budgets. We were intrigued to see if we could cram sleeping space, office space and storage space into a tiny bedroom. The room was part of a shared apartment, with a closet and bathroom facilities outside the room.

Of course the first port of call was a murphy-style bed which folds away at night. To gain the best space below the bed we made this a horizontal fold-down system.

The support for the bed also forms the storage and office area within the room. Storage consists of several good sized drawers and a large chest. The office contains a fold out desk and further storage beneath. We don’t think that good office ergonomics should be sacrificed – hence the fold up desk for better height. We also advised a proper office chair rather than a stool or bench. The chair can be moved to the corner to allow the bed to be moved down.

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