Our company is having a little change over due to Kim Debling leaving for maternity. She is expected to return early November this year. We wish her luck with her first child!

company handover

Kestrel Design has secured the help of Izzie Kirkpatrick, who will be taking over all the website accounts until at least Kim’s return. Izzie will be doing any maintenance work, plus completing the newer websites under our care.

Izzie is proficient at 3d modelling, WordPress, HTML, xHTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PL/SQL, C#, C++ and a host of other languages. She is also very quickly learning other skills that will help her make complex changes such as WordPress back-end theme & plugin creation.

She’s been introduced and trained in all the software and programs that Kestrel uses to create our unique, elegant and customer-winning websites. This, of course, means that her work will always be responsive, accessible, mobile-friendly and Search Engine Optimised, plus she is able to produce websites containing complex additions such as shops, forums, and advanced forms.

Izzie has also shown a remarkable natural talent for aesthetics and graphic design, creating some gorgeous website mockups for us to appraise her talents. We hope to add examples of her work to the company portfolios soon.

We’ve connected with other graphic designers to be able to continue to provide non-website services – please, therefore, continue to get in touch with us via the form on the Kestrel Design homepage for all your design work.

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