During this week we’ve posted three infographics to show social media workflows to build a strong presence – for daily general use, to promote a new product, and to promote a new video. This post is a quick round up to link to all three.

Free Social Media Workflows

Workflow for maintaining your social media presence: 1st of 3
Workflow for marketing a new product: 2nd of 3
Workflow for marketing a new video: 3rd of 3

The social media workflows are based on having a newsletter which can automate welcome messages based on where the sign up occurred so that free giveaways can be tailored to new subscribers. Kestrel Design recommends TweetDeck to manage your twitter account(s) so that you can easily track mentions, messages and notifications. Multiple accounts on Facebook and Instagram are easily managed via the native apps or Facebook’s website.

The social media workflows also assume you have a blog to post your content, new products and new videos to. A blog post is useful even if your videos and products are elsewhere on the Internet as it provides a focus for your links, a place to encourage new subscribers and a holding area for associated content such as PDF downloads. You can set up your website to handle membership levels to offer content only to paying members if you wish.

So integrate together your blog, newsletter, product pages, video site (such as youTube), twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram and more by following the social media workflows to create a strong brand and an integrated, cohesive presence.

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