A reddit user on /r/designmyroom posted a plea for help for his tiny rented bedroom. He wanted a full size bed, desk and chest of drawers in a space that was, frankly the size of a bed on its own. He had access to a shared kitchen & bathroom, plus a wardrobe cupboard in the hallway. Our designer Kim spotted the cry for help and spent an hour whipping up this design as a freebie:


A fold up desk and fold away bed make this tiny room useable

Ample storage in the built in furniture

A murphy bed provides the sleeping area in this tiny tiny bedroom


The design calls for built in furniture, a fold-up bed (AKA Murphy bed) and a foldaway desk. The design would require the help of a skilled carpenter, but the results would be a very liveable tiny room. She suggested a mural style wall, plus a ‘window’ style picture behind the bed. The rest of the interior should be light, bright colours or mirror to give the best feeling of space. Every single inch of this room is useable with trunk storage, drawers and desk/office storage space. Built in furniture to a custom design really can transform unusable space into something special. She also suggests to add a lot of different flush-fit light fittings as, having no windows, the room needs to be lit creatively, without adding bulk.

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