Here’s a recent brand board for some physiotherapy branding we did. Keep Moving Physiotherapy is a business just starting in the UK. The owner Michelle is a highly experienced physio who has specialised in physiotherapy after a stroke. Her great business needs a highly identifiable logo and a strong professional feel. We developed the physiotherapy logo with her and created the branding to work with it. All gets presented in a branding board which helps a business to keep their branding consistent.

Physiotherapy branding logo

We experimented with lots of different logo ideas but stuck to this simple stylised figurine as they are highly associated with physiotherapy services. Sometimes it’s worth having a logo which is very different, but we agreed with Michelle that in healthcare it is worth sticking to the established association. The figure lines and posture of the figurine are very important to get right since the logo needs to convey health and vitality to customers. Blues dominate in the logo and branding as it is a highly professional colour, and is strongly associated with healthcare fields.

We took the exact colour of the dark blue used in this logo directly from the NHS Physio uniform – a colour all customers will strongly associate with the care they’ve already received.

Logo variations

Circle, square and monochrome logo variations are important when using your logo in day-to-day life. Most social media sites require a square or circular logo so a landscape logo just won’t look good. A logo needs to work in just one colour too. A simple monochrome logo can be used for watermarks, on dark backgrounds, for printing products or for embroidery.

Physiotherapy Branding Brand Board

Fonts, Colours and Patterns

A logo does not complete all businesses branding needs. Your literature, your website, your social media accounts and your business interior design needs to tie together. That’s why a branding board can be so important to a business owner. In our brand boards we specify colours, fonts and patterns that work together with your logo to give the sort of look and feel your business needs to succeed in its area.

For the Keep Moving Physiotherapy branding we created a custom pattern consisting of waves of blue and light. We also teamed it with a marble texture and a simple ombré.

Your own Branding for the perfect fit

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