Branding, or Identity, is the main way a company shows itself to its customers and potential customers. Every company assesses a certain amount of risk before portraying them in a certain way to the public, and this is done using a technology called predictive analysis (You can read extensively about it on the Salesforce website). If branding is not taken seriously, start-ups are much more likely to fail. If established companies do not take care to present a unified image, they are much more likely to be left behind in their field. Very few customers won’t care about the look and feel of a company, but the vast majority will. Branding can make your company look high-end, look good value, look friendly, look professional, look exclusive, look established and much more.

Pilates Studio, Seattle

Union Pilates approached us to take their existing logo, make a few small changes to it, then produce designs for unified business cards, postcards, and stickers. They wanted a gentle, clean look that displayed simple photographs and showed the range of their logo variations. Their business cards come in different formats and in horizontal and portrait styles. The little stickers can be used to remind their customers to keep good posture outside their classes and thus it keeps their brand in mind.

Branding Design

We loved Union Pilates’ logo – the main text is made up of a soft customised font combined with easy to read subtext. The colour scheme combines crisp white, sea-foam green and a darker blue-green. Crisp clear images of the studio itself show the studio’s beautiful facilities, which are also crisp, clean, simple and very elegant.

Branding for your company

Kestrel Design is happy to work remotely with businesses (whether start-up or established) from all over the world. We also offer interest-free payments so that businesses can afford their branding – we know how difficult cash-flow is for entrepreneurs and want to help great businesses become greater. Please get in touch via the contact form on our homepage, or email

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