We have new logo for Kestrel Handmade! Does it look familiar?

The Kestrel handmade logo is based entirely on the Kestrel design logo. This isn’t because we’re lazy, it’s because brand continuity is vitally important between disparate aspects of a company.

Many companies have several departments doing different things which have slowly morphed into looking like different companies under an umbrella conglomerate! Many of these companies then go through a rebranding process to bring the company back to a unified ‘look’.

Why have the overarching look amongst what might seem separate fields? Here are some advantages:

  • Show your true colours, and your true size.
  • Customers loyal to your brand in one field will consider you in another
  • Departments share knowledge more freely as the ‘team’ is bigger
  • No more remembering what name you are calling yourself in meetings and correspondence
  • Share brand identity letterheads and templates

And here are the disadvantages to consider:

  • Customers who dislike one field in your brand then associate that with another.
  • You might feel less able to take an ‘experiment’ sideline as it might do badly and damage your reputation
  • You want to seem like a smaller company
Brand Continuity across Departmental Fields was last modified: December 13th, 2013 by Steven Debling