About our little company

Welcome to our website!

Our little company started in 2008 as a formalised way for Kim Debling to do design work in her spare time. Initially this was some Interior design work, as well as web application development.

When free time allowed it, Kim started to enter design crowd-sourcing competitions as a way of developing her design skills. It wasn’t long before she was consistently placing as a finalist and winning. Though crowd-sourcing is often hailed as a terrible way to ‘make it’ in the design world, Kim started to get repeat custom from the companies who’s competitions she had won – the loyal clients were the real ‘prize’.

Kestrel now has a small, but growing, group of clients who are consistently returning for their design work. Kim still revisits the crowd-sourcing scene to hone her skills and gather new clients, and to ensure she remains competitive in the professional design world.

Steve Debling officially joined the Kestrel Design directors’ box in 2011. His role is in support, whether that is accounting, future plans, or emotional!

The company is steadily growing. We now have a dedicated server for websites and applications, a proper studio setup for Kestrel Homemade and peaceful design work, and we’ve started to seriously consider taking on further designers and developers. This will be freelance help to start with, but the future looks bright enough to consider full time staff in the not-too-distant future.

We’d like to say thank you to our clients for sending their design work our way – we love to help you look the part, and you are helping us to be the part.