Packaging & Web Design – Dingleball

Dingleball wanted a bright, fun, kid/family focused design for their outdoor game. We’ve been really happy working with Dingleball and have done their website and promotional set up too. Dingleball got our full web set up package which includes domain name set up, email set up, website, facebook page and social media integration. We’re also pleased that their sister company is coming over to Kestrel Design too so watch out for that!

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Packaging Design – Precious Gem Candles


We’ve really enjoyed working with Precious Gem Candles and hope to continue to do so in the future. These candles contain a gemstone which is revealed as the candle burns (the gems are wrapped very carefully). Each flavour has a distinct personality so deserved its own packaging design; and the whole collection needed to look unified. Due to the order being a large one we threw in a lot of free extra graphic designs including promotional t-shirt, charity poster and christmas promotional ads.

Have a look at the candles online at



Precious Gem Candles




Precious Gem Candles




Precious Gem Candles



 Click the below image to see the designs at full size

Precious Gem Candles



Packaging Design – Paragon Pails

A fun, quirky, scalable pail design which also works as company advertising? No problem!

This company wanted to redesign their pails/buckets so that their customers would remember them and easily reorder if they needed to. We came up with this quirky design based upon the nursery rhyme ‘There’s a hole in this bucket dear Iza’. We played on the words to make it clear that there are NO holes in these buckets! Fun, lively yellow contrasts with white and black, and the contact info is front and centre in the design. Finally, we added a little area where more organised customers can label the contents of their pails – imagine a whole stack of buckets in storage all neatly labelled!

Paragon Pails Packaging Design

Get your own out-of-the-box-thinking design

Could your company do with some out-of-the-box thinking in terms of your company’s products or branding? Have your own branding and/or packaging designed by Kestrel Design to match your company’s vibe, goals and aspirations. Just get in touch with us using the form on the homepage, via Facebook or by emailing

Brand Continuity across Departmental Fields

We have new logo for Kestrel Handmade! Does it look familiar?

The Kestrel handmade logo is based entirely on the Kestrel design logo. This isn’t because we’re lazy, it’s because brand continuity is vitally important between disparate aspects of a company.

Many companies have several departments doing different things which have slowly morphed into looking like different companies under an umbrella conglomerate! Many of these companies then go through a rebranding process to bring the company back to a unified ‘look’.

Why have the overarching look amongst what might seem separate fields? Here are some advantages:

  • Show your true colours, and your true size.
  • Customers loyal to your brand in one field will consider you in another
  • Departments share knowledge more freely as the ‘team’ is bigger
  • No more remembering what name you are calling yourself in meetings and correspondence
  • Share brand identity letterheads and templates

And here are the disadvantages to consider:

  • Customers who dislike one field in your brand then associate that with another.
  • You might feel less able to take an ‘experiment’ sideline as it might do badly and damage your reputation
  • You want to seem like a smaller company